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4475 SW Scholls Ferry Rd, Suite 158, Portland, OR 97225 / 503-292-4457
Tracy Horner used to live only a few hours from the shop, so although she’s moved to Arizona, she’s still local-adjacent! We have a large variety of some of her models that have been retired from traveling in trunk shows.

To see more of Tracy’s designs, visit her website, and to order, please email us your requests!

Diversity in Beer $14 - stitched by Tasha!

Booltimore $16

Booltimore $16 stitched as ornaments

Four Seasonal Mandalas $15

Kaleidoscope $14 - stitched by Karen Sch…

Three Little Kittens $14

One section of Another Year Creeps By $18; Twice Cursed: Doom and Gloom $10

Flower Power $10

Get Kraken $16 (release the…..)

Love Letters: Art Nouveau $8

Masquerade $10

Bright Idea $8

Pizzazz $8

Square Dance $14

Peace Wheel $16

Village Square $9

Oatmeal Quaker $10

top left, clockwise: A Spirited Mandala; Wings & Things; A Ghostly Mandala; Fire Burn & Cauldron Bubble $10 each

Wild Side $4

Love Letters: Fraktur $8

Bad Neighborhood: #6 Swimming Hole; #5 Miracle Grow; #3 Water Hazard $8 each

Holly Jolly Mandala $10