It's December Already!

How can it be December already?!  But it is, and time to start thinking about New Start January!!  New Start January is when you have the opportunity to start 6 new projects!  One on the First, because that's a great way to start the year, and one more for each of the 5 Saturdays in the month!!  This is something we'e been doing at the shop for several years.

The Rules for New Start Saturday are like most of the rules at Acorns & Threads - there really aren't any rules!  Start 6, start 1, or somewhere in between.  Do whatever makes you happy.  Change your mind part way through the month.  It's all good, as long as you're stitching!

I am really looking forward to this, because I've been mostly working on one project for most of 2015....Serenity Harbor!!

This is the 12-part design by Donna at By The Bay Needleart that many people have been collecting and even stitching.  I've been changing the DMC colors to silks, both overdyed and solid,  as the parts came out, and it's been lots of fun!  As you can see, I've had to skip around a bit to try out all the colors, but it's almost all decided.  The plan is to end the year with all the threads chosen and just the large blocks of color left, to be worked on at retreats and stitch groups, so further counting won't be required.  

Those who know me, know it's very hard for me to stick with one project for long, much less for almost an entire year!!  So it's way past time for some small projects that can be finished pretty quickly.  And maybe another big one... There's lots of new things to choose from, and some cute new designs on the way, so it'll be hard to narrow down to just 6!  

More thoughts later...


An Open House Thank you!

Thank you all for coming (and calling!) on Sunday and making the 20th Open House a wonderful success!! As the beginning of our celebration of the shop's 20th Anniversary, it was fabulous!

Congratulations to Kim Hummel and Rose Williams for winning the drawings for a 20% off Coupon every month for the next year!!

And the Red Dot Sale benefiting the American Heart Association was also a success!  We are going to keep the sale going through the end of this month.  It's 60% off retail price with 5% going to the AHA.  And that's 5% of the retail price, not the sale price!  And thank you also goes to several people who gave money specifically for the AHA.  It's a great cause.

Now that the weather is getting a bit more like normal, it's a great time to be planning your fall and holiday stitching!  Merchandise from the Harvest Market Hop are on their way, and more is still coming.  I've also got lots of things from the Norden On-line Market that was held in August.   

Here's to the next 20 Open Houses!





I hope you like the new website!!  It's been an exciting....challenge!!  Old dog, new tricks, but I've had lots of help and encouragement!  (Hi Liz!)  I've been adding, deleting and changing lots of things, and sometimes even on purpose!  And there will be more changes, most likely, as I settle into this, but there comes a time, as another local company is known to say, to Just Do It!!